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Skeeve Stevens skeeve+cisconsp at eintellegonetworks.com
Tue Dec 30 21:05:21 EST 2014

Hi all,

Just trying to understand the hardware requirements on a Nexus 9508...   It
is that time of the year when getting anything out of Cisco is slow
(reasonable) and I thought I would ask the Cisco-NSP brain trust.

You have the N9K-X9636PQ line card... which is 36 x 40Gb ports...
non-blocking (the 1.5:1 sub model is N9K-X9536PQ).

It says it needs 6 fabric modules for maximum bandwidth on the X9636PQ -
for that one card - the X9536PQ only needs 3 FM's.

But... the 9508 Chassis seems to only have capacity for 6 FMs... same with
all of them actually. 9504 and 9516.

Does this mean that only 1 x X9636PQ can actually work non-blocking in a
whole 9508 Chassis?  or two of the X9536PQ?

So I could have a 8 slot chassis with one card in it and be non-blocking?
Or.. being that a FM can do 8 x 40Gb links to a line card, then 6 will do
48 x 40Gb ports... so 36 on one card and 12 on another... assuming you
could split it like that somehow.

Or there is the N9K-X9432PQ - which seems to be linerate for > 200byte
packets... (this seems like an odd card to make).

So it sounds like a 9504 would make more sense as the 9508 would have
wasted line card slots... even the 9504 will waste 2.

Is this sound logic?


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