[c-nsp] Sup720 - FIB full, software switching

Octavio Alvarez alvarezp at alvarezp.ods.org
Mon Feb 3 11:23:51 EST 2014

On 02/03/2014 06:09 AM, "Rolf Hanßen" wrote:
> But it started to drop packets, I saw no pattern, it looked nearly random.
> I needed to reboot both boxes to resolve that issue.

That pretty much sums it up.

You can set up some inbound filtering to prevent a lot of routes to go
into the routing table in the first place, and thus, protecting the FIB.

There was some discussion in Pepelnjak's blog about the filtering,
precisely for the same problem with a Sup720: [1] and its followup post
[2] some time ago.

[1] http://blog.ipspace.net/2012/01/how-could-we-filter-extraneous-bgp.html

[2] http://blog.ipspace.net/2012/01/filter-inbound-bgp-prefixes-summary.html

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