[c-nsp] Sup2T netflow problems

Peter Rathlev peter at rathlev.dk
Wed Feb 5 06:47:05 EST 2014

We've started seeing some problems with our netflow collection and
export from Sup2T's running 15.1(1)SY AIS.

The problems started when we suddenly didn't see any flows exported from
the device in question. Trying to show the flow cache from CLI just
makes that VTY hang (can't be cleared):

  Sup2T#show platform flow ip source
  [hangs forever...]

The result is the same with the "show flow" way:

  Sup2T#show flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4 cache
  [hangs forever...]

(Maybe of interest here: The VTY lines have "exec prompt timestamp"
configured, but the prompt hangs before the timestamp is shown.)

We cannot clear the VTY sessions; we tried "clear line vty X", "clear
line Y" and settings "exec-timeout 1 0" on the line, all to no avail.
The TCP sessions are closed correctly when we forcibly close the SSH

Trying to remove all Netflow configuration doesn't succeed. We can
remove all the monitors from interfaces (134 of them at the moment; the
last interface to have a monitor removed takes _very_ long time by the
way, but that's more of a nuisance) but cannot delete the flow monitor

  Sup2T(config)#no flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4
  Sup2T(config)#no flow exporter STANDARD-NDE
  % Flow Exporter: Flow Exporter STANDARD-NDE is in use. Remove from all clients before deleting.
  Sup2T(config)#no flow record IPV4-FULL
  % Flow Record: Flow Record is in use. Remove from all clients before deleting.
  Sup2T(config)#no flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4
  Sup2T(config)#flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4
  % Flow Monitor: could not create monitor.

It still appears in the configuration:

  Sup2T#show running-config partition common | section ^flow
  flow record IPV4-FULL
   match ipv4 tos
   match ipv4 protocol
   match ipv4 source address
   match ipv4 destination address
   match transport source-port
   match transport destination-port
   collect transport tcp flags
   collect interface input
   collect counter bytes long
   collect counter packets long
   collect timestamp sys-uptime first
   collect timestamp sys-uptime last
  flow exporter STANDARD-NDE
   source Loopback0
   transport udp 30002
  flow platform cache timeout inactive 120
  flow platform cache timeout active 300
  flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4
   exporter STANDARD-NDE
   record IPV4-FULL
  flow hardware usage notify input 80 1800 

But not in the auto-complete list from exec mode:

  Sup2T#show flow monitor ?
    broker  Show the flow monitor broker
    type    Type of the Flow Monitor
    No monitors available              <----
    |       Output modifiers

Typing it manually doesn't help:

  Sup2T#show flow monitor STANDARD-INGRESS-IPV4 cache
  % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

We're guessing a reload of the box would help (though the hanging VTY
lines may mean we have to cut power) but would like for this to not
happen again.

The box is running 15.1(1)SY (s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.151-1.SY.bin)
currently and we have a planned upgrade in the near future to 15.1(2)SY1

I found a possibly relevant thread here:


We'll try contacting our Cisco partner, but maybe someone here has seen
the problem before and knows of either a work-around or that it is fixed
in some newer software version.



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