[c-nsp] Sup2T netflow problems

Chad Burnham cburnham at du.edu
Tue Feb 11 11:37:32 EST 2014

HI all,

We have been hitting this bug for over a year now and it is super annoying. Complete chassis reboot is our only fix.
We had one of our SUP2T crash last week and I got this from TAC:

TAC Engineer reported:
I looked at the crash and have come across the following bug.

CSCug72332    Supervisor 2T or Line Card Resets due to Netflow Interrupt 
The bug is a closed bug and there is an enhancement which fixes the issue.

CSCug86296    Sup2T: EARL8 Netflow ECC enhancement 
The bug is fixed in 15.1(2)SY2 and above.

FYI, 15.1(2)SY2 is not available and was told:

>The IOS is not available as of now. The expected date on CCO is 7th March 2014.

We are anxious for Engineering to fix the stubborn, random, and hard to detect Netflow issues on this platform that was ironically sold to us as a superior Netflow platform.


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On Fri, 2014-02-07 at 16:02 +0100, Chris Welti wrote:
> Unfortunately this bug is present in *all* Sup2T firmware releases so 
> far. I've seen it in 12.2, 15.0 and 15.1 images.
> > Downgrading to 15.0(1)SY5 would probably be okay for us. The few 
> > 15.1SY specific features we've started using are not critical 
> > (LDP/IGP sync, pw signalling).
> >
> > Any really good reason not to downgrade to 15.0SY?
> Yep, because that bug is also present in 15.0SY5.

Hmm... so you're saying Bug Toolkit isn't precise? I find that hard to believe. ;-)

> Actually there is *no* officially released firmware that has the 
> bugfix yet as far as I know. The good thing is it usually only happens 
> after a few weeks/months of uptime and only if you have NF export 
> running. If you desperately need it, you should contact your SE to get 
> a "special" image.

A few weeks/months of useful Netflow and working CLI is a far cry from what I'd find acceptable, but I guess there was a portion of sarcasm in that sentence. :-)

We'll try contacting our partner and SE for any news on the bug. Thanks!


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