[c-nsp] Cisco "autonomous" AP - 802.11n / ac ?

Brandon Applegate brandon at burn.net
Wed Feb 12 14:21:18 EST 2014


Sorry if the subject matter is a bit downrange for the list, but I figured 
folks here might have some info on this.

Currently I use rancid (clogin) to hit APs daily and change a PSK.  This 
is for guest access, and the script also writes the info to a simple HTML 
web page.  This works great.

However, it seems that there is essentially no such thing as a Cisco N or 
AC AP that runs IOS (autonomous) anymore...  If you have one AP - you are 
expected to have a controller (even if some kind of ISR baked in deal).

So my question is either/or - can anyone confirm that Cisco is essentially 
deprecating autonomous APs with newer radio tech ?  Or - can someone point 
me to something that could do what I'm doing now (linux+rancid+script+ap). 
I would assume this solution would be non-Cisco.

Off list replies are fine to minimize noise.

Sorry this isn't about NTP reflection... ;)

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