[c-nsp] Cisco and RFC 6106 (RDNS in IPv6 RAs)

Christopher Werny cwerny at ernw.de
Sun Feb 16 19:17:12 EST 2014

Hi everyone,

I haven't seen any "official" announcement that RDNS option in RAs is finally supported in Cisco IOS, and my google/fn-fu did not result in any success (but this could be a typical layer 8 problem ;)). 
However, I stumpeld over an Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference Guide which included the command " ipv6 nd ra dns server" that achieves what I am looking for, but I couldn't find any  information on which Devices/IOS trains this command is supported. 

The Reference Guide can be found here: 


Does anyone know on which trains/devices this command is supported? or have some general pointers in regards to RFC 6106 support in Cisco IOS?

Thanks for your time !


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