[c-nsp] Cisco "autonomous" AP - 802.11n / ac ?

Andy Ellsworth andy at dar.net
Tue Feb 18 13:07:19 EST 2014

The Aironet 2602 is the most recent AP you can get from Cisco with an
autonomous image that's supported for production traffic. It supports
dual-band 3x4:3 802.11n.

The 3602 (4x4:3 .11n) and 3702 (4x4:3 .11ac) have autonomous images also -
in fact, they run the same autonomous IOS image as the 2602 - but Cisco
only supports these in autonomous mode for "site survey" purposes, not for
production traffic. IIRC, some advanced features are disabled too (like
.11ac on the 3702).

Honestly, the baby 2504 WLC is cheap enough for a small deployment
(approximately the cost of one AP) to make it a tough sell to stick with
autonomous APs for most use cases.

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