[c-nsp] 7200VXR to ASR upgrade

Adam Greene maillist at webjogger.net
Tue Feb 18 17:40:18 EST 2014



We have a customer running an old 7204VXR/NPE-G1, with (4) gigabit
interfaces, and BGP with two upstream carriers. They are upgrading from 100M
carrier links to 1G, and may be looking at getting full routes from both
carriers soon, as well as implementing OSPF on the inside.


Rather than invest in a new processor for their old hardware, they want to
move to the ASR platform. They may keep the 7204VXR/NPE-G1 for redundancy
for a while, until they can afford getting a second ASR. I assume the two
routers should play nice with each other.


>From what I'm seeing, the ASR1002-X looks to be the simplest and most
versatile / scalable option for them right out of the gate. Based on their
need for BGP/OSPF, I would say they need an Advanced IP Services license.
Does that sound right? 


Is it safe to assume that they could ask their hardware vendor for an
ASR1002-X, tell them they need an Advanced IP Services license, and they
would get a 100% functional router (i.e. no "whoops we forgot you need such
and such other module for it to work")? 


Since I'm kind of new to this ASR stuff, I am a little concerned that they
might be overpaying for an ASR1002-X when a ASR1002 would be less expensive
and just as future-proof. 


Thanks for the advice as we try to get our heads around the new platform! 




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