[c-nsp] replace Huawei HG863 GPON terminal with Cisco gear

Martin T m4rtntns at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 02:50:17 EST 2014


thank you for this information! I totally overlooked OMCI. So I guess this
Huawei GPON ONT in SFP form-factor will be something like RAD MIRICi-155(
which supports management over web-interface(or maybe even CLI is
available) and one could change the serial-number of this ONT? Is the 16
hex characters some sort of industry-standard or is this vendor-specific as


On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 10:18 PM, Tarko Tikan <tarko at lanparty.ee> wrote:

> hey,
>  In summary, is it even technically possible to replace ONT installed by my
>> ISP with a Cisco gear?
> I'd say "no". Problem lies in missing OMCI interopability between vendors.
> Every vendor is using proprietary extensions to OMCI, I've tried mixing
> vendors and some ONTs get further in bootup process than others.
> So it's not only authentication you have to worry about, but OMCI as well.
> PS! Huawei will soon have GPON ONT in SFP form-factor available, that
> would solve the interopability issue and would allow you to use it in any
> SFP compliant device.
> --
> tarko
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