[c-nsp] replace Huawei HG863 GPON terminal with Cisco gear

Tarko Tikan tarko at lanparty.ee
Fri Feb 28 03:52:06 EST 2014


> So I guess
> this Huawei GPON ONT in SFP form-factor will be something like RAD
> MIRICi-155(http://www.radproductsonline.com/support/cs11c01/radcnt/mediaserver/18805_MIRICI-155.pdf)
> which supports management over web-interface(or maybe even CLI is
> available)

SFP form-factor is SFP :)

> one could change the serial-number of this ONT? Is the 16

Why do you insist changing this? If you have compatible ONT just let ISP 
change the serial in their end (*).

> hex characters some sort of industry-standard or is this vendor-specific
> as well?

To my best knowledge, it's standard.

(*) In real life, it's not that easy. ONT is provisioned using service 
profiles that are defined in OLT. Profile defines things like number of 
expected ethernet ports in ONT, number of POTS ports, IP/routing 
capabilities, vlan mappings from GEM to ONT ports etc. When you have 
mismatch between profile and real life (ie. you replace 4-port ONT with 
SFP that says "1 ethernet port" in it's capabilities in OMCI), ONT will 
not be provisioned.

(G)PON is not like DSL, don't expect to bring your own ONT.


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