[c-nsp] 3750 Route Map peculiarity.

Michael Robson Michael.Robson at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Feb 28 08:41:59 EST 2014


I need to configure a Cisco 3750 with route maps and so I upgraded from an
old LAN base image to IP Services (c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE8.bin)
and changed the SDM profile to 'access'

sh sdm prefer 
The current template is "aggregator access IPv4" template.
The selected template optimizes the resources in
the switch to support this level of features for
8 routed interfaces and 1024 VLANs.

 number of unicast mac addresses:                  6K
 number of IPv4 IGMP groups + multicast routes:    1K
 number of IPv4 unicast routes:                    12K
   number of directly-connected IPv4 hosts:        6K
   number of indirect IPv4 routes:                 6K
 number of IPv4 policy based routing aces:         0.5K
 number of IPv4/MAC qos aces:                      0.875k
 number of IPv4/MAC security aces:                 4K

However, now when I apply a created route-map to an interface, it take the
'ip policy route-map' command but nothing appears on configuration for the
SVI. If I apply a non-existent policy map to the same interface, the
configuration shows up on the SVI.

Anyone know what's going on here?



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