[c-nsp] ASR9001 licensing

Steve Teti steti at monmouth.com
Fri Feb 28 08:05:06 EST 2014

I've read a lot about the licensing on the ASR 9000 platform, but it's a 
little unclear how it applies specifically to the ASR 9001 and ASR 
9001-S.  We're looking at setting up a pair of 9001-S routers, only one 
of which really *needs* the AIP license for L3 VPN scale.  If the router 
with the AIP license fails, it would be helpful (while we wait for 
SmartNet replacement) to be able to turn up an additional 10Gig port on 
the remaining 9001-S and configure the L3 VPNs on that port.  That leads 
me to two questions:

1. Is the AIP license on the 9001/9001-S "soft-enforced", or will I 
actually be prevented from configuring more than 8 VRFs?  It seems to be 
soft-enforced on the 9006/9010 but I want to make sure the 9001 is not a 
special case.

2. Is the 9001/9001-S distinction also "soft-enforced"?  Would I be able 
to turn up a third onboard 10Gig port temporarily during an emergency?  
Or are those ports really just not available at all without the upgrade 
to the full blown 9001?

My sales rep hasn't been able to get me a solid answer so far.  I 
imagine that the sales rep would also rather just have me buy two full 
blown 9001 routers with the AIP licenses.


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