[c-nsp] QinQ termination and Internal Vlan

Aladdin olegug at narod.ru
Wed Oct 15 01:40:11 EDT 2014

!Buenas deas, Amigo!

I have C7609 with ES20 cards and SUP720.
I want to terminate about 7K VLANs to IP subinterfaces.
So, I have created QinQ subinterfaces for solve problems with 4094 Vlans.
But when I typed "sh vlan internal usage", I see internal vlan one per 
subinterface !!!
And really, I cannot create simple Vlan.

----cut !!! ----
interface Port-channel16.322480
  encapsulation dot1Q 322 second-dot1q 480
  ip address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y

R#sh vlan internal usage | i Port-channel16.322480
1481 Port-channel16.322480
R#(config)#vlan 1481
VLAN id: 1481 is an internal vlan id - cannot use it to create a VTP VLAN.

----cut !!! ----

!Hasta la vista, Amigo!
Best Regards, Oleg.

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