[c-nsp] OOB Device for remote DC's

Rich Lewis RLewis at sis.tv
Tue Sep 2 07:31:14 EDT 2014

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> > Hi Everyone,
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> > We historically have just used Cisco 2511's with standard modem
> > attached, but are finding it increasingly difficult to source modems
> > - Can anyone recommend an alternative(reliable) OOB device? (Built in
> > modem + 4G as backup?)
> However, our actual site OOB is actually ADSLn + IPsec VPN these days, so we
> didn't put much time into it.
> Alternatively the Cisco 1811 had a built-in modem. Not sure which 19xx series, if
> any, have.

What about just sticking a WIC-1AM-V2 into a 1921?

That said, we use xDSL with 3/4G backup too.

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