[c-nsp] OOB Device for remote DC's

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue Sep 2 12:31:43 EDT 2014

I've been using OpenGear devices with great results.  Their ACM5500 is
far better than the older 5000 series units because it now does LTE
instead of only 3G.  It has eight serial ports and they are wired so you
can run ethernet directly into Cisco console ports.  It comes with, and
they sell, connectors so you can do the same to standard 9-pin ports; so
much easier than finding a serial cable during a crisis.

That being said, I have not had good results with the included rubber
antenna when used inside a rack in a data center.  The performance was
very slow because the received signal strength was too low; same issue I
had with the 3G units.  I now purchase the WMM-7-27-5SP antenna from
wpsantennas.com with my ACM5500's; it's a single mount but dual antenna
uni-directional unit that I can mount up above the equipment racks and I
get awesome signal strength.

On the Verizon side, you just have to get your sales rep to assign a
static IP and your'e good to go with ssh and vpn to your equipment.


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Hi Everyone,

We historically have just used Cisco 2511's with standard modem
attached, but are finding it increasingly difficult to source modems -
Can anyone recommend an alternative(reliable) OOB device? (Built in
modem + 4G as backup?)


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