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> Check out Digi or opengear, both have options with/without built on modems
> and cellular.
> http://opengear.com/product-categories/data-center-management
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> > Hi Everyone,
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> > We historically have just used Cisco 2511's with standard modem
> attached, but are finding it increasingly difficult to source modems - Can
> anyone recommend an alternative(reliable) OOB device? (Built in modem + 4G
> as backup?)
> >
Might look at Avocent gear as well.

I've used a few of the Avocent console servers [0] [1].

model ACS48 has 48 serial ports
model ACS8 has 8 serial ports

I've only ever seen single power supply ACS48s in person, but apparently
there was a dual AC PSU model.  I have worked with a dual AC PSU ACS8
Both models have a single 48MHz CPU (I don't recall which architecture)
running MontaVista Linux.  I don't recall how much memory they have, but it
isn't all that much.  They are sloowwww to boot @ 48 MHz. ;-)

So there's one Fast Ethernet port on the front nearby its console port (and
to the right of the serial ports for devices) and two PCMCIA slots on the
back for cellular cards and what not.  Unfortunately we've not put the
PCMCIA slots to any considerable use.

The ACS units I used are fairly old and all, but it appears there is an SDK

Avocent acquired Cyclades in 2006 [3], so some devices are branded Cyclades
ACS48 and not Avocent/AlterPath ACS48.

[0] http://gregsowell.com/?p=4425
[1] https://avocent.com/Products/Category/Serial_Appliances.aspx
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avocent#Acquisitions

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