[c-nsp] Tapping a PPPoVPDN and/or PPPoE subscriber session the ASR1000

Christian Schmit cschmit at visual-online.lu
Tue Sep 9 09:46:28 EDT 2014

 Legal authorities require that upon request we provide them with pcap 
files of a PPPoVPDN or PPPoE subscriber session we terminate on ASR1000 
 I need to limit the captured data to a specific subscriber/IP address.
 So far I looked into:
 - SPAN: on the ASR1000 SPAN does not seem to offer the possibility to 
apply an IP access list to the SPAN session
 - EPC: EPC can only collect data until the buffer is full which is by far 
to small if a session needs to be captured/monitored over weeks
 - LI feature: For using the lawful intercept (LI) feature of the ASR a 
mediation device is required which we do not have
 Any hints will be appreciated.

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