[c-nsp] OT: Enterprise (Not ISP) Maintenance Windows

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Mon Sep 29 01:47:50 EDT 2014

On Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 04:17:08PM -0500, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> With that in mind, maintenance could only be scheduled Monday thru Thursday, 
> 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  No evenings, no weekends, no holidays.
> Most vendors don't keep their top support personnel on site after normal 
> business hours.

If anything its moved more like that. Now-a-days, iLECs like
CenturyLink don't even staff the largest COs at night. I can't even
schedule a MOE cut outside of 6am-6pm M-F. Repair on CO wiring always
have to yank a CO tech in at any after-hours period. 

Although I suppose not much has changed. 

I remember a repair ticket for Frame-Relay years back. For whatever
reason, they decided to route it in a semi-circle around the core
city, went down early in a long holiday weekend. Status updates every
hour were getting really tiring after the 20th-40th ones. Of course,
the normal Team comes back in Tuesday morning, and fixes it in 20 minutes.
I'd have hoped that they actually made progress and it was only the
last bit, but I talked to them and know different. :-(

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