[c-nsp] WLC5700 and Unparalleled scalable wireless solution

Matti Saarinen mjsaarin at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 29 03:39:23 EDT 2014


I just noticed that Cisco has a new wireles LAN controller namely 5700.
Its documentation tells that the system will support "up to 72,000 APs"
when using "Unparalleled scalable wireless solution". I tried looking
for information of this Unparalleled scalable wireless solution but I
was not able to find any. I would like know what that so called solution
actually is. How many controller boxes does it require, how expensive
are the licences etc? If anyone here could tell me where I could find
more information it would be very very nice. I would like to avoid a
meeting with Cisco sales people and their 100s of powerpoint slides.



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