[c-nsp] ASR9001 5.1.3: Netflow origin AS appears to be missing

Stephen Fulton sf at lists.esoteric.ca
Wed Aug 5 12:59:11 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I have an ASR9001 running 5.1.3, and I've set up netflow to export to an 
nfsen collector.  Netflow itself is exporting fine, but I'm not seeing 
the origin AS in any of the records (the reported AS is 0 or zero).  I 
have netflow v9 running from an ASR1K to the same collector and it 
reports the AS correctly, so I do not believe that the collector is the 
issue.  My ASR9K config:

flow exporter-map NETFLOW-EM
  version v9
  transport udp 2056
  source Loopback0
flow monitor-map NETFLOW-MM
  record ipv4
  exporter NETFLOW-EM
sampler-map NETFLOW-SM
  random 1 out-of 1000
interface TenGigE0/0/2/2
  flow ipv4 monitor NETFLOW-MM sampler NETFLOW-SM ingress
  flow ipv4 monitor NETFLOW-MM sampler NETFLOW-SM egress

I have not found any relevant bugs listed in the bug tool, and I'm at a 
loss at this point.  Any ideas?

-- Stephen

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