[c-nsp] Anycast GW for L2 subnet

Adam Vitkovsky Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk
Tue Aug 11 04:47:48 EDT 2015

Hi Tim,


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> From: Tim Stevenson [mailto:tstevens at cisco.com]
> Sent: 07 August 2015 16:28
> A couple caveats:
> - in theory you could have more sites, each with an AC pair, but we
> only support 4 AC gwys today
That is interesting as all the docs suggests that there's no limit "n-way active gateway"
Where does the limitation come from please?
I guess there's no limit on the number of switches that can advertise the same ASID and also I'm not aware of any upper limit of maximum members per HSRP group.

> - FP still builds the MD trees as it always has, ie you avoid
> tromboning of unicast, but multidestination (bc/mc/uuc) still has the
> potential to 'take the scenic route' through the other site,
> depending on the topology of each tree
Interesting point I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
Though I expect the BUM traffic to be flooded everywhere since the VLANs span across both locations.


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