[c-nsp] Enabling ip routing on cat3750 stack

Artem Viklenko artem at viklenko.net
Wed Aug 5 15:38:52 EDT 2015

Hi, All!

It's may be stupid question, but.

I need to enable ip routing on the stack of mix cat 3750e & 3750x switches.
They have ip base and universal licences so ip routing is supported
(checked by cisco feature navigator).

Many times I did this on standalone cisco switches with no problems.
But this stack is too-o-o-o far and ve-e-e-ry critical for customer's

I expect that entering 'ip routing' shuld be non-disruptive to current
L2 traffic on stack as on standalone 3750-s.

Is it right? Is there some possible concerns?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely yours,
 Artem Viklenko.

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