[c-nsp] Enabling ip routing on cat3750 stack

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If super critical, organise maintenance window...do it AH...do you also have OOB access?

Last resort, if no oob, so you can revert if it does cause major issues, is to perform a "reload in foo", make the change during the maintenance window, and if all ok, cancel the reload...if not, stack will reload and "hopefully" come back to it's original working config...but stacks can sometimes be "temperamental" :)

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Subject: [c-nsp] Enabling ip routing on cat3750 stack

Hi, All!

It's may be stupid question, but.

I need to enable ip routing on the stack of mix cat 3750e & 3750x switches.
They have ip base and universal licences so ip routing is supported
(checked by cisco feature navigator).

Many times I did this on standalone cisco switches with no problems.
But this stack is too-o-o-o far and ve-e-e-ry critical for customer's

I expect that entering 'ip routing' shuld be non-disruptive to current
L2 traffic on stack as on standalone 3750-s.

Is it right? Is there some possible concerns?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely yours,
 Artem Viklenko.
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