[c-nsp] Super Core Hardware suggestions

Ben Cornish benc at overthewire.com.au
Fri Aug 7 19:27:07 EDT 2015

Hey All

We are looking for suggestions for a device to act as a super Core Device / MPLS P router only.
There seems to be plenty of Chassis based solutions out there that also cater for a lot more.
We ideally would like a 1RU or 2RU device - Handling MPLS / IGP only

·         Ideally 16 to 48 ports of 10Gig – SFP

·         Non-blocking line rate capable on all ports.

·         MPLS / OSPF /BFD / ISIS / RSVP-TE capably.

·         Deep buffers on the ports would also be nice

·         With a possible option of 40Gig uplinks..


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