[c-nsp] SUP720 15.1SY & MVPN extranet

Vladimir Troitskiy ruthenate at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 06:56:53 EDT 2015


I'm trying to configure MVPN extranet on Reciever-PE (Cat6500/SUP720-3B
with 15.1SY).

With 12.2SX it works with very simple config:

vrf definition S-VRF
 rd 1:1
 route-target import 1:100
 route-target export 1:100
 mdt default

vrf definition R-VRF
 rd 1:2
 route-target import 1:100
 route-target import 1:200
 route-target export 1:200

With 15.1SY the reciever couldn't get mcast with this config - there is no
correct mroute in S-VRF.

I checked the docs - there were no significant changes:
"You must configure either the receiver MVRF on the source PE router
(Option 1) or the source MVRF on the receiver PE router (Option 2) for
extranet links to be created. Once configured, RPF relies on unicast
routing information to determine the interface through which the source is
reachable. This interface is used as the RPF interface. No additional
configuration is required for RPF resolution."

I found three workarounds:
 - configure mdt default for R-VRF (e.g.
 - configure static mroute in R-VRF with "fallback-lookup vrf S-VRF"
 - configure rpf with "ip multicast vrf R-VRF rpf select vrf S-VRF

I have several R-VRFs and I don't want to configure workarounds for each of
them. Is there a way to solve the problem easier?


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