[c-nsp] PBB-EVPN

Ivan Walker ivan at itpro.co.nz
Tue Aug 25 23:45:19 EDT 2015

Thanks for the response.

> LACP PDUs are layer-2 and can be transported across Ethernet circuits.
> Providing your Ethernet provider will accept & L2PT those frame types,
> it is possible to run LACP across the sort of circuit you're describing.
> Talk to your providers! If you coupled that with some form of LACP-based
> MLAG/MC-LAG/VPC (not all vendor implementations are) then you might be
> able to do PE resilience.
I am thinking the issue is having to pop out the tunnelled (L2PT) LACP
frames at the core end.  Especially if the service is delivered over a
shared NNI interface.  Imagine if the tagged service at the NNI is taken to
the I-Component via a pseudowire attachment circuit I don't think there is
any LACP function on the core side.  Popping the L2PT LACP out on a
physical port somewhere else doesn't really scale.

> AFAIR, SPB-M goes further to remove the multi-homing issues inherent in
> PBB, but I've not done any good reading into PBB-EVPN to see if you can
> simply multi-home a given C-MAC address and have it work. If it is
> hobbled in the same way that PBB is, then yeah, I can see a world where
> LACP is the only way forward. Still, it seems oddly limiting.

I will have a look into SPB-M - hadn't heard of it.  :-)

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