[c-nsp] BVI Configuration on 1600 Access Points

Juergen Marenda cnsp at marenda.net
Wed Aug 26 14:39:03 EDT 2015

> What I want to achieve is creating a BVI Interface in separate VLAN (our
Management VLAN 232 in this specific case) so that the AP is tagging all
packets with the respective VLAN 232. However, after doing the configuration
the AP is not reachable on the configured IP address. 
> The AP is connected to a 2960 switch and the port configured as trunk. As
soon as I configure the native vlan to 232 on the trunk port the management
IP of the AP becomes reachable. This indicates that the AP is not tagging
the packets at all.
> [...]
> So, what am I missing?  It might be something completely trivial, and feel
free to slap me if this is the case ;)

Cisco AP's are not routers but bridges.
The are managed only on the (untagged) interface.

Just configure your mgmt-vlan as native vlan on the switchport,
and tag all wlan-vlans, then everything will work fine.

(... and you may also use the default int bvi1 as mgmt interface for the ap,
 My good old AP1131's did insist on that) .

...No reason to slap you instead of the vendor.

Just my 0.01 $

Juergen Marenda.

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