[c-nsp] BVI Configuration on 1600 Access Points

Christopher Werny cwerny at ernw.de
Wed Aug 26 15:23:09 EDT 2015

Hi Juergen,

thanks for your input. See my comments inline.

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Cisco AP's are not routers but bridges.
The are managed only on the (untagged) interface.

[CW] Well, not necessarily, as I have couple of 1242 APs which are happily
tagging the "Management Traffic" with the correct vlan.

Just configure your mgmt-vlan as native vlan on the switchport,
and tag all wlan-vlans, then everything will work fine.

[CW] Yes, this will work, but I want to avoid (if possible) inconsistent
trunk port configuration on my switchports going to the APs. 

(... and you may also use the default int bvi1 as mgmt interface for the ap,
 My good old AP1131's did insist on that) .

[CW]  Yes, that's what I am doing on the 1242 as well as it's the only
supported option, but I was at least able to put the corresponding
subinterface f0.232 in bridge-group 1 (which does not work with the 1600

...No reason to slap you instead of the vendor.

Just my 0.01 $

Juergen Marenda.

[CW] Cheers,

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