[c-nsp] Redist "BGP" routes to "other" PE's (In same VRF)

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Sun Jan 11 07:18:08 EST 2015

>Hi Everyone,
>I have a vrf (TEST), configured on 2 PE's...both learn each others
>connected+static routes (redist connnected, redist static), so that
>portion is working fine...but I also have leaked the default route from
>PE_A (That we receive  from an upstream provider), into the vrf
>TEST....on PE_A, I can see the detault route in the VRF TEST, and also
>GRT, and I can get to the Internet from an IP within the VRF....I have
>"default-information originate" on PE_A for vrf TEST, but the default
>route is not being propagated to PE_B...the default route is seen as type
>"BGP" when I issue "sh ip route vr TEST/sh ip route vrf test
>"....any suggestions on what is needed to redist this BGP route to
>the other PE in the VRF?   i.e. under address family vrf TEST,
>redistribute BGP xxx (with a route map to ensure only the default is
>distributed to the other PE?)

A PE which imports a route into a VRF (and importing from global is no
exception) will not advertise this route via iBGP to other PEs. So you
would need to configure the same import on PE_B too..


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