[c-nsp] Share a shaping policy (+ provide committed BW)

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Wed Jan 28 05:38:00 EST 2015


Sure,  you can create a class for each customer use the bandwidth percent to guarantee each 20% , they will be able to burst over it .

Take a look at this 


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> Hi Everyone,
> Scenario is this:
> Site has five housing units that want to "share" a 25Mb Internet connection -
> Simple solution, is to connect them all to something like a 2921, shape the
> Internet service to 25Mb, and they can all use the 25Mb (FIFO)....but, they
> would like to have a committed 5Mb each (So they are all guaranteed 5Mb),
> but if no-one else is using the service, be able to burst to 25Mb(Or whatever
> BW is available)....Is this possible?  i.e. Individual shaping policies(giving 5Mb,
> but high burst) wouldnt work, as the policies wouldnt be "aware" of what the
> other Interfaces were doing?
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be achieved?
> Cheers.
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