[c-nsp] Share a shaping policy (+ provide committed BW)

CiscoNSP List cisconsp_list at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 20:31:13 EST 2015

Hi Everyone,

Scenario is this:

Site has five housing units that want to "share" a 25Mb Internet connection - Simple solution, is to connect them all to something like a 2921, shape the Internet service to 25Mb, and they can all use the 25Mb (FIFO)....but, they would like to have a committed 5Mb each (So they are all guaranteed 5Mb), but if no-one else is using the service, be able to burst to 25Mb(Or whatever BW is available)....Is this possible?  i.e. Individual shaping policies(giving 5Mb, but high burst) wouldnt work, as the policies wouldnt be "aware" of what the other Interfaces were doing?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be achieved? 


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