[c-nsp] BGP Dynamic Neighbours & Peer Templates

Rich Lewis RLewis at sis.tv
Fri Jan 30 09:32:44 EST 2015

Hi all

I think this has probably been asked before, but not for a while, so just wanted to ask the list for an update: Does anyone know when (indeed if!) the BGP Dynamic Neighbours feature (the 'bgp listen ...' command) will be integrated into the BGP Peer (Session) Template framework? Specifically on the G2 ISRs, but we'd also find it useful on the ASR1K. As of IOS 15.5(1)T (on a 1921), it doesn't seem to be there. We use the template framework extensively and I really, really don't want to have to start using peer-groups just to use this feature, so I'm hoping someone will tell me it's coming soon! :-)


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