[c-nsp] effect of 'mls qos'

Christophe Lucas christophe at clucas.fr
Mon Jun 1 03:22:38 EDT 2015

Le 2015-06-01 08:12, Marian Ďurkovič a écrit :
> By enabling 'mls qos' you're splitting your already small buffer space 
> on this
> platform into 4 pieces and using just one of them for normal traffic...
>    M.


It enables default configuration. You must be aware of this because it 
can limit some trafic due to this fact if you don't configure more than 
"mls qos".


> On Sun, 31 May 2015 23:02:45 -0700, Mike wrote
>> Hi Gang,
>>      I have a question regarding the effect of 'mls qos' on a 3560g
>> switch, with no other configuration.
>>      I did some testing and it seemed to me that the aggregate thruput
>> of my switch, which has 5 port channels with 2 gigE ports each, would
>> drastically drop to below 10mbps for a standard file copy on nfs. And
>> when I removed 'mls qos', the thruput would climb back up to 500 -
>> 700mbps range on that same file copy.
>>      There is no qos fig in that switch, just that single statement.
>> It also does have 'ip services' code in it but it's only used really
>> for layer 2 switching. I just thought this was rather odd, wondering
>> if anyone has any thoughts on this.
>> Mike--

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