[c-nsp] ME3600 EoS?

Jay McMaster jmcmaster at advancedipsolutions.ca
Tue Jun 2 10:59:42 EDT 2015

Folks...looking for insight, feedback or thoughts on this.  Working with the
account team on a SP network refresh and using the ME3600 as the access
node.  I questioned why the price point for a fully licensed ASR-920-24TZ-M
versus a fully licensed ME-3600X-24TS-M resulted in the ME3600 being CDN
LIST$ 7,000 per unit more.  The only explanation offered was that the ME was
most likely being targeted for EoS.  I found that hard to believe since it
is relatively early within its lifecycle.  I was then forwarded a message
from a Product Manager - Marketing with this quote...     

"No immediate plans for EoS, but given that ASR920 is a new platform in same
space, that is something we will be thinking very soon"

Jay McMaster, Consultant
Advanced IP Solutions Inc.

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