[c-nsp] CWDM SFP+ on N7K

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Wed Jun 10 03:51:00 EDT 2015


> Hi,
> I'm curious if any of you have used 10G CWDM on Nexus 7k, M1 or F1 line
> cards. Curious if any 3rd party CWDM SFP+ is supported with any of these
> line cards on 7K.

Never tried on a 7k but you should be ok, everything else I've tried works fine.
Talk to your vendor, most will code the sfp+ to whatever you want to make it compatible, even suggesting what is best.
i.e. the 7k thinks it's a SFP-10G-LR but in reality it's  cwdm. ( you can check what they show up as on the 6500 with sh inv)
We use solid optics and have been happy with the product and support.
As to if it's officially supported,  that is another can of worms.


> We have metro CWDM ring and for some of the campuses we are currently
> using 10G. One end of the site, the connection (1510nm) is terminated on
> Cat6509, VS-720-10G-3C and the other end is on Cat4500X-16SFP+.
> The Cisco 10-G Ethernet trans modules compatibility Matrix, link below
> clearly says that none of the hardware's above will do CWDM SFP+, but to be
> honest, it's been working great on Cat6500 and 4500.
> http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/interfaces_modules/transceiver_mo
> dules/compatibility/matrix/10GE_Tx_Matrix.html
> Thanks
> Josh
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