[c-nsp] Serial Terminal Servers

chris tknchris at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 14:07:49 EDT 2015


I have a couple locations with NM-(16/32)A modules used for console access
to a bunch of cisco gear. I noticed there is another cable besides the
standard octal->-rj45 one that has what I think is a DB25 interface.

Does anyone know if its possible to connect standard db9/rs232 serial
devices with this cable + some kind of adapter? Would be really neat if we
could also connect some of our servers with serial in the same way we do
with the network gear.

If anyone out there is doing this and its working or has tried it and it
didnt work out would love to hear either way. If you have successfully
connected other non-cisco gear it would be interesting to hear what else
you have connected and how you did it.


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