[c-nsp] VXLAN Unicast on Nexus 5600 or 9300

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Fri Apr 1 03:47:37 EDT 2016

The document explains what the three options are for cisco vxlan control 
planes supported on various cisco platforms.
Multicast, unicast and mp-bgp evpn , pbb if you were.
I guess the “focusing on” section wasn’t enough for you, and my specifying 
that the third option is supported on the 9ks was misunderstood.
Both the unicast and the mp bgp evpn  do not require multicast, which is 
better for you depends on what you want to do .

For the 9k take a look at

for the 5600 can’t help you but try the ciscolive sessions they are 
available for free after registering and are really good about explaining 
what features are available in which platforms etc.


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Sent: giovedì 31 marzo 2016 19:11
To: Brian Turnbow
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Subject: Re: [c-nsp] VXLAN Unicast on Nexus 5600 or 9300


This document doesn't provide any information what is supported on different 
Nexus models.

The 9ks will do mp bgp vpn , but not sure about the 5600 never used them.

I asked about unicast-VXLAN not "mp bgp vpn".

I know that 9300 can do multicast based VXLAN. But I need devices which can 
do this using unicast as I have project where multicast will not be 
implemented at L3 between VTEPs. I see that this is what Arista can do. But 
due to politics we would stay with Cisco shop.


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