[c-nsp] vPC peer-link decrease the TTL

Y Ham yhameed81 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 19:04:35 EDT 2016

Hello All,

When packet is destine to svi on peer device, it has to traverse vPC peer-link and default behavior is peer-link decrease the TTL value of the packet. So if its ebgp packet it gets drop. Is there a way to disable this behavior. 

By excluding the vlan (that carries bgp session) from peer-gateway with 'peer-gateway exclude-vlan' command, it no longer decreased the ttl and bgp session came up but then it started dropping data traffic coming in that vlan that was trying to traverse peer-link.

1st problem is i need faster convergence so trying to run ebgp with bfd and nexus doesnt support multi-hop bfd.
2nd problem, i can tune the bgp timers but cisco states in configuration guides that issu is not guarantee if timers are reduced.
3rd problem, if ebgp multihop is configure, bgp will no longer react on direct link failure instead wait for dead interval to expire so im trying to avoid tuning timers and/or ebgp multi-hop if possible.


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