[c-nsp] blackholed traffic on ether-channel

Holemans Wim wim.holemans at uantwerpen.be
Thu Apr 7 04:14:00 EDT 2016

Just bought several C6880-X to replace some 6500 with Sup32. They will have a lot of LACP channels...
Tried to search for the bug numbers mentioned below, the first one came back as not cisco inside only, the second one comes with an information page with the title :
C6880-X-LE: Contiguous 4 10G ports goes down and cannot be brought up

As an solution the page points to 3 new software releases :
Known Fixed Releases: 	(3)
Of these 3 releases none is available for download ????? There is even no 15.3 of 15.4 train available in the download software page...
Anyone has an idea where I can find a software release in which this problem is fixed so I can install this before activating these switches on our network ?

Wim Holemans
Netwerkdienst Universiteit Antwerpen
Network Services University of Antwerp

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Sorry for the earlier misfire.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 10:55 AM, selamat pagi <ketimun at gmail.com> wrote:

> Setup:
> 4 port LACP channel, C6880 <->  Nexus 7k
> Recently we had the issue that most (not all) traffic was black-holed 
> on a C6880.
> No interface counters, nor the port-channel status, nor an NMS pointed 
> to any abnormal behavior.
> Finally, the problem was resolved by shutting down a specific  
> interface on C6880.
> It seems that one defect port affected the function of the entire 
> port-channel !!

FWIW We recently ran into a somewhat similar port-channel issue on 6880 15.2(1)SY1a. BU told us symptoms were possibly related to CSCuw08272/CSCuy25743.
That issue is slated to be fixed in 15.2(1)SY2.
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