[c-nsp] blackholed traffic on ether-channel

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Thu Apr 7 04:29:13 EDT 2016

On 7/Apr/16 10:14, Holemans Wim wrote:

> As an solution the page points to 3 new software releases :
> Known Fixed Releases: 	(3)
> 15.2(1)SY1.118
> 15.3(1)IE101.312
> 15.4(1)IA1.22
> Of these 3 releases none is available for download ????? There is even no 15.3 of 15.4 train available in the download software page...

Cisco normally publish future releases as being fixed before the
releases become physically available. It is just a commitment from the
BU to say in which release a bug is going to get fixed. When the release
actually becomes available is orthogonal to the bug details.

> Anyone has an idea where I can find a software release in which this problem is fixed so I can install this before activating these switches on our network ?

We started using this platform back in 2014.

We are using the code that was the only one available back then -
15.1(2)SY2 - without any issue.

We were actually just about to start a round of upgrades to the latest
stable release, but after seeing this thread, best to wait.

In all fairness, we are running the switches as pure Layer 2 core
devices, but with lots of 10Gbps LACP links. No issues with that since 2014.

If you don't have any features that require anything beyond 15.1(2)SY2,
I'd suggest trying this if there aren't any defects in it worth noting
for your environment.


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