[c-nsp] blackholed traffic on ether-channel

Hunter Fuller hf0002 at uah.edu
Thu Apr 7 17:15:31 EDT 2016

Look out for SY2!! We were on that release when we rolled out our
Cat6807s in 2014 but there was a gross bug where a malformed mDNS
packet could crash the sup! We had a quad-sup VSS at this time and it
crashed all four within a minute! I'm unsure if this was VSS specific
but I did get confirmation that it wasn't quad-sup specific.

We are now on 15.1(2)SY4 and life is good... for now...

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On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 3:29 AM, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at seacom.mu> wrote:
> On 7/Apr/16 10:14, Holemans Wim wrote:
>> As an solution the page points to 3 new software releases :
>> Known Fixed Releases:         (3)
>> 15.2(1)SY1.118
>> 15.3(1)IE101.312
>> 15.4(1)IA1.22
>> Of these 3 releases none is available for download ????? There is even no 15.3 of 15.4 train available in the download software page...
> Cisco normally publish future releases as being fixed before the
> releases become physically available. It is just a commitment from the
> BU to say in which release a bug is going to get fixed. When the release
> actually becomes available is orthogonal to the bug details.
>> Anyone has an idea where I can find a software release in which this problem is fixed so I can install this before activating these switches on our network ?
> We started using this platform back in 2014.
> We are using the code that was the only one available back then -
> 15.1(2)SY2 - without any issue.
> We were actually just about to start a round of upgrades to the latest
> stable release, but after seeing this thread, best to wait.
> In all fairness, we are running the switches as pure Layer 2 core
> devices, but with lots of 10Gbps LACP links. No issues with that since 2014.
> If you don't have any features that require anything beyond 15.1(2)SY2,
> I'd suggest trying this if there aren't any defects in it worth noting
> for your environment.
> Mark.
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