[c-nsp] NCS-5001 - MPLS L3VPN Issue

Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at swm.pp.se
Tue Feb 2 09:01:52 EST 2016

On Tue, 2 Feb 2016, James Bensley wrote:

> My mind is pretty set on this, their testing has been appalling (I’m 
> obviously moaning at Cisco about this) – I’d like to know what others 
> think.

Back in the late 00:s XR for the CRS was rock solid (as long as you 
managed to get the thing up and running), especially if you ran without a 
lot of new features. Basic LDP+MPLS+ISIS+BGP just worked for years without 
issue. I believe this was a factor of fairly low number of features and 
fairly high price for the platform, so Cisco could pay for proper testing 
of the features they offered.

Now, everybody wants all kinds of features, the feature velocity has been 
extremely high for the past 5-8 years, and at the same time people don't 
really want to pay much. Thus, you get more features that are less tested, 
because testing them is complex, and yet I'm sure there is less money for 

Of course Cisco could do a better job here, but one also has to recognise 
the market condition our vendors are acting in.

At least it's my experience that even though there was a shared code-base 
between ASR9k and CRS, XR worked a lot better on CRS. My guess is that 
this was due to level of testing and that they were in different BUs back 

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