[c-nsp] LAN + Security solution hint

james list jameslist72 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 10:38:44 EST 2016

Dear experts,

I’d like to have an hint if possible…

For a project I’ve to provide a LAN solution to my customer with a mix of 1
Gbs copper and 10 Gbs copper ports (let say 20 x 1 Gbs and 30 x 10 Gbs
ports) plus a firewalling solution supporting feature like server load
balancing and reverse-proxy.

On the LAN solution I need also to provide the highest level of
redundancy/resiliency, jumbo frames, L2/L3 non-stop switching/routing,
ISSU, scalability both horizontal and vertical.

Could you please help me to identify the best suggested solution with Cisco
technology ?

Thanks in advance..



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