[c-nsp] Cisco and ATM VC => Limit PCR

Olivier CALVANO o.calvano at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 03:51:33 EST 2016


i request a small help on a Cisco with ATM cards.

we have a interface:

interface ATM1/0.937 point-to-point
 mtu 1600
 atm route-bridged ip
 no atm enable-ilmi-trap
 pvc LINKONE 1/937 l2transport
  vbr-nrt 2048 2048 1
  encapsulation aal5snap
  xconnect 2043 pw-class Ethernet

My problems, this link is satured.

My Operator said:
 actually PCR 4835 cel/s and CDV 223 us

please limite at PCR 4830 cel/s and CDV 224us and MCR at 170 cel/s

anyone know where i can create a "class" and put into my interface a
limitation ?
(a sample of configuration)


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