[c-nsp] Output drops on 2960

John Gaffney jgaffney at nan.com
Fri Feb 5 08:48:11 EST 2016

Hey guys,

got a old 2960s that is registering some output drops on the show interface counters. Odd thing is the actual traffic load on the interfaces that are dropping is between 10-50% on 30 second interval. Not sure if I am looking at some microbursts, but it would seem to me the weak buffers in the thing cannot handle bursty traffic? We have dealt with microbursts before, but the switch is hardly doing 50% of the interface.

Switch is a straight layer 2, no layer 3 functionality short of mls qos and some dscp mutation. Anybody seen this kind of thing before? Any commands that may help point me towards why these drops are happening? Anybody ever fatten the q's on these things?



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