[c-nsp] How many maximum routes does Cisco 2900 router support?

Patrick M. Hausen hausen at punkt.de
Thu Jan 7 03:00:19 EST 2016

Hi, all,

> The 2900 series is a generic CPU-based platform, which means it's not TCAM-based and therefore has no distinct route count limit.
> IOS software, features and their associated data structures, as well as routes all compete for the RAM available. The choice of routing protocol (and associated per-route and/or per-path overhead) will influence the upper limit of the device.
> However, I suspect CPU resources and route convergence time would be more of the limiting factor than absolute route count.

We've been running IPv4 full tables with two 3825 for a couple of years. 1 GB of RAM,
which is AFAIK the maximum this platform supports. Switched them for 6500 just a
little over a year ago.

Just to give you an order of magnitude.

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