[c-nsp] lack of snmp parity with cli

Nathan Ward cisco-nsp at daork.net
Thu Jan 7 07:31:50 EST 2016

Hi again Mike,

FreeRADIUS uses SQL statements that you can customise, or you can write to flat files and then deduce state from that, or any number of things. It’s very flexible.

I’ve done extensive work with FreeRADIUS, it’s a bit off topic here and the FR public mailing list can be a bit hostile - feel free to drop me a line off list if you want some advice on how to make it work better for your use case.

Nathan Ward

> On 8/01/2016, at 01:27, Mike <mike-cisconsplist at tiedyenetworks.com> wrote:
> On 01/07/2016 03:18 AM, Robert Seastrom wrote:
>> It's neither particularly desirable nor unusual to have to do this.  :-(  I haven't looked at the BGP MIBs lately, but they were rife with omissions of this sort last time I looked.
>> Any chances you can get the data you need out of your RADIUS logs?
> I suppose that - if radius logging was actually working correctly - I could do exactly that. But freeradius makes it extremely challenging. The sql schema doesn't support pppoe intermediate agent natively and so that had to be added. But on top of that, the way freeradius does this is in one big table. Whats needed is actually a scoreboard with a who is on, all their connection setup details and such, and then a second table to record the accounting info for the current session as it happens, and likely a third table to track the accounting information during some period say monthly. If you want to know during a month how much data any given user consumed, you can't, not with the defaults. So for these reasons and others, I'm sticking with getting the current state of the system live from the routers themselves. Someday I'll go back and fix freeradius and then I'll pull it from the db.
> Mike-
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