[c-nsp] switch for SAN

Adam Greene maillist at webjogger.net
Fri Jan 8 09:44:18 EST 2016

Hi all,


I know running Catalyst switches for SAN backbone fabric is not the best
idea, due to limited buffers. 


However, we have been doing just that with a 3750X and Dell Equallogic
6100/4100s for quite some time, with no issues.


We are putting in a NetApp FAS3160 and need to add a switch. I see 3750X is
EOL and Cisco positions the 3850 as its replacement. 3850 is even slightly
less expensive than 3750X.



-          Should we expect the 3850 to perform as well or better than the
3750X for this application?

-          Is there any other switch we should be looking at which is not
humongously more expensive? Maybe Nexus 3k could work, but it's a lot more
expensive. Maybe 4948E? Seems up there price-wise, too .





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