[c-nsp] RFC 7432 (EVPN) support CPE devices.

Gustav Ulander gustav.ulander at telecomputing.se
Tue Jan 12 10:18:19 EST 2016


Does anyone have any experience with any CPE that supports RFC 7432?
I know it is available in ASR9k but we would like to have a local CPE to hand it of to the customer.
As far as I understand there isn't one out yet that supports int?

The present solution would force us to switch all traffic towards the PE and encapsulate it at that point but we would rather use  a CPE at the customer location for this.
I would think that it should be in the pipeline for ASR920 perhaps.
Maybe the ISR series will support it?

We are also quite interested in the cross support in EVPN with different dataplanes? I would presume that some sort of bridging would be required for instance with MP-BGP Controlplane and a combination of VXLAN and MPLS dataplanes.


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