[c-nsp] Trunked VLANs over FTTC VDSL2

Alistair C cisconsp at imf2000.org
Wed Jan 13 05:45:50 EST 2016


Integrated devices such as the Cisco 887VA-M  or Cisco 897 which are
"approved and certified for use with BT GEA/FTTC and compliant with
SIN498", do not appear to support q-in-q across the VDSL ethernet interface.

The configuration examples I have reviewed and limited testing carried out
thus far show VLAN 101 tagged on the VDSL ethernet interface as per the BT
SIN requirement but there is an inability to tunnel additional VLANS across
this interface/VLAN cleanly, which is a requirement for the service we

I have raised the issue with Cisco to see if there is a work around or
something obvious with regards to configuration that I am missing but this
has not turned up anything positive so far.

Anyone out there trunking multiple VLANs to a Cisco CPE over FTTC, in a
similar position?


Alistair C.

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